Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Parrot Sketch

JV: What do you live with Linda?
Linda: Well, I live with one of the two partners that I started with.
JV: Sorry say that again?
Linda: I live with one of the two partners that I started with.
JV: One of the two partners that I started with...Gee, I’m intrigued.
Linda: Yeah.
JV: On you go...
Linda: One of them was male...I mean human...and the other is a male parrot.
JV: So you began with a male human and a male parrot?
Linda: yes, and the sort of fed off one another. In the beginning, the male human came with a childish habit of eating corn flakes in the same bowl, with the same spoon, at the same rapid speed, with the same loud crunching and that was just something he had to eat whenever he was hungry.
JV: So that was like all day eating corn flakes? Whenever he was hungry?
Linda: Well usually when I wasn’t there to make food, but I went away and left the parrot and the male together and when I came back the parrot had some new repertoire in his vocabulary.
JV: What sort of things was he saying?
Linda: Well it wasn’t what he was saying. It was a crunch...crunch...crunch.
JV: The sound of crunching corn flakes? So you had your male human on one side with an actual bowl of corn flakes and then a parrot doing an impression of a bowl of corn flakes?
Linda:  Yeah and I thought ‘how did Schmee learn to crunch corn flakes?’ And I looked and him and said ‘you would bring Schmee next to you every time you had corn flakes wouldn’t you?’ and he said ‘yes.’
JV: Yeah.
Linda: That was how it got passed on.
JV: I see.
Linda: That was just one of many.
JV: Um...Can I ask which one remains with you to this day? Parrot or male?
Linda: The parrot is far more faithful.

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