Wednesday, July 24, 2013

To The Guest Room Please

*This episode of This Is What I Live With was presented by Dominic Knight.

Chris: Hi Dom, I’ve come to rescue everyone from Michael Buble.

DK: You are too kind. What is it that you live with at your place?

Chris: Well I was astonished when I first met my husband and we started going out. I’d never visited my sisters-in-law - he’s got three sisters - and we trekked up to visit and for him to introduce me, and he promptly went into another room and fell asleep. Apparently this is his habit. He goes to visit people and then he asks for a bed and falls asleep.

DK: So actually in a bed?

Chris: Oh yeah.

DK: Just in the hope that they have a spare room? Does he use their room if they don’t have a spare room?

Chris: Yeah and he did a similar thing when he first went to visit my parents a few months later. He promptly went upstairs and went to sleep.

DK: So at what stage in proceedings does this occur Chris? Is this like half an hour into the meal? Is it before dessert is served? How does it work?

Chris: Oh no, he doesn’t attend the meal.

DK: Oh really?

Chris: No, he just goes to sleep. He’s done his duty by being the chauffeur and then he just falls asleep.

DK: So it’s just a sleeping visit and that’s it? Does he do this on holidays as well? ‘Hello Thailand, where’s the bed?’

Chris: Yeah that’s right. Also, if the cricket’s on, it’s the cricket and the bed.

DK: I knew I loved this segment Chris. So...does he then sleep until it’s time to drive home again?

Chris: Usually the pattern is that about 20 minutes before departure he’ll surface and make a few sarcastic comments and then we go.

DK: How extraordinary. So, the first time this happened, what was going through your head? Were you wondering exactly how long he was going to sleep for?

Chris: Well I was completely flummoxed but then his sisters said ‘oh he does that all the time, that’s just John, don’t worry about it.’

DK: He’s just the sleep guy.

Chris: Yeah!

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