Thursday, January 24, 2013

Multi-tasking Man
James: What do you live with Claude?

Claudia: Let me make it clear from the start that this person is more ‘long standing man servant’ as opposed to ‘partner.’

James: Long standing man-servant?

Claudia: Yes. Over many years. I live there part time, but his habits are too idiosyncratic, too entrenched, too habituated. There is no chance of redemption.

James:  OK. Such as?

Claudia: Well, despite the option of using a brand new push button washing machine which is lying idle, he insists on hauling sheets, towels and all washing into the shower recess where he proceeds to jump up and down on them.
Which then shakes the house to its foundations.  One more reason why I can’t live there.

James: Yeah.

Claudia: He also at the same time, cleans his teeth. He enjoys the toothpaste enhanced whiteness of his sheets.

James: It’s all soapy foamy stuff right? Does he put washing powder in there?

Claudia: No. Toothpaste and shampoo.

James: His entire wash?

 Claudia:  No exceptions. Has done for twelve years.

 James: Whenever he showers he washes stuff?

Claudia: Yes.

James: So it’s a simple economic decision. Perhaps saving time and water.

Claudia: You could see it like that. 

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